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Our Philosophy

    As photographers we get access to amazing moments that others don’t. That’s a big reason why we’re so passionate about our photography. Those moments are too important to not be passionate about. Whether it’s your wedding day, your newborn child or that family portrait you’ve been wanting, you want to know that your photographer is as excited as you are.

    It’s important that we approach every photographic job the same, with an open mind as to what can be created. Using input from you as to what you had envisioned and from our years of experience an everlasting image is just a click away.

    We use photography as our art medium. Expressing life with light and capturing it forever for you to enjoy for just as long.

    Both Kari and I ,Craig, have been photographing for almost 20 years. Exploring photography as an art and a way to express ourselves we would and do bring a camera everywhere. It was about 15 years ago that I shoot my first wedding and got bitten by the photography business bug. I have to admit that it wasn’t as fun as I wanted it to be at first. After a few years I found what I was missing. It was while shooting a friends wedding that I had the pleasure of having my wife, then girl friend, shooting and assisting me. At that point I knew that I never wanted to shoot a wedding alone. Years later I now enjoy photographing weddings more than any one person should with the biggest reason being that Kari is by my side.

    As I stated, Kari is my wife. She has been with me for 18 years 8 of which as my wife (it took a while, what can I say). She got into photography while at Bowdoin Collage. It was in someways very different from her major of neuroscience. Even though both require organization and attention to detail photography was more an artistic way of expression. It goes along with her minor in music (show off). She still follows both passions. During the week she is a Genetic Counselor and I take up all her free time... I mean she helps me with photography on the weekends.

    When it come to me there isn’t much to say. I took up photography while in high school and used it as a way to relax when I wasn’t working or volunteering with search & rescue. As early life progressed I got deeper and deeper into photography. In other words, it was getting expensive. I did a few portrait sessions and weddings to pay for better gear. Those first few jobs were all it took for me to decide that photography was what I wanted to do as a profession (job is an ugly word). What I find the most interesting is that as I photographed more and more people the harder it got to shoot anything else. I’ll be in Maine and set up a great landscape and think about how much better it would be if I had a couple to put in the image. This happens to me all the time now.

    Now that I got all the “how we got into photography” stuff out of the way, a few other fun facts. We are a couple that has love and excitement in a lot of different interest. Travel, food, wine, our dog, gardening the list goes on and on. Don’t think us pretentious. When I say wine it can be a $9 bottle, as long as it taste good. The same for food. We aren’t foodies. Give me a great hotdog and onion rings or a campfire with s'mores and you’ll see a smile. To us it’s just about enjoying life and everything everything it has to offer.