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Everyone should be Iconic


    Wow, what a journey this has been and still is. The idea behind this project was to create simple clean portraits. Images that felt and looked Iconic. Well I’ve done that but I got an unexpected side effect. I found that I had not been looking at my work as art as much as I use to and that I had been taking the art of portraiture for granted. When you are in an “industry” you tend to forget to connect with your subject, in my case the person to be photographed. I was finding my self wanting, wanting to see the person inside when I looked at the image, wanting to feel what they have felt, wanting to feel a connection. Now one thing to keep in mind is that we will always project what we think they feel.  That is why I wanted a simplified clean B&W image. It makes you pay attention to the person. We are less distracted with location and studio props. I have given us an opportunity to get closer to person in the photograph.

    Please look at these images not as photos but as the people they are of. Look at the eyes and the hands. Look at the way the sit or stand. feel the depth of their faces. Try to connect with them and maybe you’ll find your self looking differently about those around you as well as your self.

Please enjoy a sneak peek into The Iconic Image Project. I have much more to show and have more to shoot. The plan is, and has been, to have an opening with the images and to have them all on this page so please have patients with me for I hope to share so much more with you.